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>> Performance of EST for robots

  • Stepless gear range from 0 to the set
  • It copes with external conditions through auto stepless gear change, and changes output torque and rpm.
  • It is possible to realize in various values of torque and rpm through control.
  • It is possible to change into the right, the neutral, and the reverse direction
  • It automatically prevents the reverse rotation in the dire-ction opposite to the direction of power transmission.
  • It copes with load and minimizes the consumption of high torque energy.

>> Effect of the application of EST for robots

  • Coping with external load, the output torque and rpm of robots are mechanically, automatically responded so in the case of the service robots that have contact with external environment, the working ability is improved.
  • It minimizes the consumption of energy caused by external load and also minimizes energy con-sumption for the operation of independently-driven service robots so the working time and the traveling distance of the robots are improved.
  • The safety of robots is increased, which improves the use of robots.
  • It improves the lifetime of batteries by minimizing the shock current consumption of batteries.
  • Under the maximum load that the power source can’t stand, the output rpm becomes ‘0’ and the power source keeps idling so stable durability against overload is obtained.
    (Correspondence with shock load is obtained.)