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>> Performance of EST for elevators

  • It works, auto stepless gear, depending on working load.
  • It is possible to set the torque for gear change.
  • It realizes the working performance of elevators at various speeds, low ~ high /min.
  • It automatically prevents reverse rotation in the direction
    opposite to the direction of power transmission.
  • It obtains stable durability against load

>> Effect of the application of EST for elevators

  1. It doesn’t increase torque by coping with the startup power through current consumption like the traction machine of the existing elevators (worm, gearless). It increases the torque through the auto stepless gear of EST so working energy efficiency is increased.

  2. It increases output torque by coping with the startup power through auto stepless gear so through the technical review that can lower the motor capacity of elevator traction machine, the consumption of power can be minimized.

  3. The worm reducers of the existing elevators have low power transmission efficiency, but EST is a highly efficient auto stepless transmission so the energy efficiency of power transmission is improved.

  4. Through the gear control of EST, the rpm and the torque of a wire drum (rpm and torque are in inverse proportion) can be freely controlled. And it is possible to highly efficiently operate an elevator and to realize the elevator performance of extensive low ~ high speed/min.

  5. Through the power cut of EST (0 rpm), the load, which is generated from the operation of the elevator and the brake, is not transmitted to the motor so safety against any malfunction is obtained.

  6. Through ‘the auto prevention of reverse rotation’ that it doesn’t rotate in the direction opposite to the direction of power transmission, mechanical stability, separately from the elevator brake, is obtained. (While going up, the elevator doesn’t go down even though a brake doesn’t work.)

  7. It is possible to realize differentiated system elevators.