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>> Performance of the crusher with EST mounted

  • Smooth initial startup suitable for the working load
  • ealization of the best crushing performance with the op-timum rpm and torque based on the crushing quantity in the first set stepless gear control section (low rpm ~ high rpm)
  • It automatically, steplessly changes gear against the cha-nge in load while the crusher is working so it prevents the overload of the motor.
  • It is possible to change in the right direction or the rev-erse direction (Automatic stepless speed change for both directions )
  • Highly efficient crushing is possible as it flexibly copes with it based on the quantity for crushing.
  • Consumption of proper current, which increases energy

>> Effect of EST application for crushers

  • In the set stepless gear ratio section, rpm and torque are changed to crush so it shows more efficient crushing performance than reducers and hydraulic systems.
  • The crushing speed becomes different, depending on the crushing quantity so efficient crushing is possible.
  • In the case of temporary excessive crushing, it automatically, steplessly changes gear.
    (Minimizing the reverse)
  • Stable soft startup against startup power
  • Protecting the power source by coping with overload through auto stepless speed change
  • It copes with the load or the overload, which is generated during crushing, through auto stepless speed change, so stable durability can be obtained.
  • It consumes proper current so it minimizes the consumption of startup energy of the crusher.
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