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>> Performance of EST Axle

  • Stepless gear range from 0 to the set
  • Auto prevention of the reverse rotation during traveling
  • Auto gear change suitable for traveling conditions without a separate gear controller
  • Shock-free smooth gear change

>> Effect of EST axle application for EV

  • It minimizes the consumption of shock current of the motor based on the traveling load so it sec-ures the stability of the power source and improves the lifetime of batteries.
  • It improves traveling performance and grade abilit
  • It improves traveling distance and traveling time.
  • It improves energy efficiency.
  • It improves the durability of EV machines and power sources.
  • It is possible to make highly efficient EV machines.
  • It is possible to make EV machines that have overcome the limitations of grade ability and acc-elerating ability.
  • It is possible to make EV machines that can travel a long distance as a traffic factor.
  • The performance improvement for EV machines can substitute the machines using an internal-combustion engine as the power source so the market for environment-friendly green EV can be expanded